Kenilworth is nestled in the hinterland between the metropolitan hustle of the Sunshine Coast and the rolling hills of the Mary Valley. Open seven days a week, our Cellar Door hosts the finest foods the Sunshine Coast and surrounds have to offer. From relishes and jams to hot sauce, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Take a stroll down our Dairy alley and check out our many magnificent cheeses, yoghurts and mousses. Enjoy a coffee, lunch or one of our handmade ice creams at Poppa’s Café.

Cellar Door

Foodies watch out! The retail therapy at Kenilworth Dairies Cellar Door is like no other. Boasting the finest of local products, the range will leave you in awe.


Dairy Alley

Handcrafted Cheese, Yoghurt, Milk and Mousse, you are bound to find a favourite in Dairy Alley.

Sophisticated, flavourful and ‘udderly’ delicious.