Kenilworth Dairies comprises three productive farms in the Mary Valley, at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Holstein Friesian, Brown Swiss and Jersey cattle are employed for the various characteristics they contribute to creating the perfect milk. The Kenilworth Dairies’ farms follow in a rich history of dairy farming in the region since the early part of the twentieth century.


Arguably the best farm in the Mary Valley John decided that he would one day purchase the property when he was just 11 years old. Kevindale has been home to Margaret and John, and their 550 Friesian, Jersey and Brown Swiss cows since 1993. Irrigated from the mighty Mary River the farm utilises a state-of-the-art rotary dairy that holds 50 cows at a time. Kevindale was named after Margaret’s brother who was killed in a car accident in 1980. Two generations of Cochranes were dairy farmers in Scotland. John is the 5th and his grandsons (pictured), Elijah and Miles will be the 7th generation.

“I love the Gympie region because of the fertility, climate, proximity to market and it’s great country feel”, says John.


This 121 ha (300 ac) property is home to Kelvin and Ronnie and their two boys, Elijah and Miles. Dagunvale is a highly awarded Stud Dairy going by the name of “Miss”. The couple breed stud Holstein and Jersey cattle as well as milking 300 pedigree cows twice daily. Also irrigated from the Mary River they employ the biggest Herringbone milking station in Queensland. This station can manage the milking of 60 cows at a time. Kelvin is 6th generation dairy farmer with a passion for his top quality animals and his young boys are following in his footsteps, showing a love for the cows. Kelvin is also a Judge on the Australian Holstein Association panel.

“We love what we do and would not trade it for the world,” says Kelvin.

Moy Pocket

In 2014, prior to owning the business, this property was leased specifically to provide milk to the Kenilworth factory. This milk has been used to make Kenilworth produce such as cheese, yoghurt, mousse and ice cream. Today 100 Holstein Jersey cross cows are milked at the Moy Pocket farm. The milk from the Jersey cow is very high in protein and fat which helps make the Kenilworth milk such excellent quality.