Kenilworth Dairies is owned by John and Margaret Cochrane, their son Kelvin and wife Ronnie. Both John and Margaret’s families have been intimately involved in the Queensland Dairy industry for a hundred years. This passionate dairy farming family truly have ‘milk in their veins’. *TO BE CHANGED*

John's Family History

Harry Cochrane returned from the war in 1919 and purchased a farm at Kin Kin in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, a short distance from the Mary Valley. He established the well-known Fauvic Jersey Stud. His son Alan was born on the farm and lived there his entire life. John himself was also born on this same property where his mother, Mavis, still resides.

Primarily a Jersey Dairy, pigs were also raised on the skim milk and small crops, mainly beans were also grown.

As testament to their passion for the dairy industry, Harry was on the Board of the Wide Bay Dairy Co-operative from 1924 until 1971, Alan from 1971 to 1986, and John has been a member of the Parmalat board from 1986 to 2017 and Chairman for approximately 10 years. A Cochrane has sat on boards representing Queensland dairy farmers for the past 93 years.

Marg's Family History

James MacKellar, Margaret’s grandfather, started dairying in 1913 in Coles Creek, a tributary of the Mary Valley. His wife, Rene, was the daughter of a milkman, supplying milk by horse and cart in Toowoomba early in the twentieth century. Later he became a dairy farmer. They milked 50 cows supplying cream to the Pomona butter factory. After Jim passed away in 1964, Rene continued to manage the dairy until the 1980s.

Their daughter, Doreen, married Fred Warren in 1953. Fred was also involved in the dairy industry. He transported cream to the Wide Bay Butter Factory in Gympie in his cream truck (pictured top). After the Nestlé Milk Factory opened in Gympie, Fred traded his cream truck for a prime mover and hauled milk from the district’s dairy farms to Gympie. Eventually Fred and Doreen purchased a dairy farm near the MacKellar farm where they raised three children – John, Kevin and Margaret. This dairy was operated until recently by Margaret’s brother, John.

Two Dairying Families Come Together

Margaret married the love of her life, John Cochrane, on New Year’s Day 1977 and together carried on the dairying tradition. For Marg’s 19th Birthday they purchased a dairy farm in Glastonbury from Mrs Amy Smith. This is where their dairying journey as a couple began.

Whilst they have had many farms over the years, a dream was realised when they had the opportunity to purchase a large dairy farm. The property was on prime land in the beautiful Mary Valley at Goomong – the farm now called Kevindale.

Historic Kenilworth Cheese

The bulk cheese producing factory (Kraft) was changed into a boutique handcrafted gourmet cheese operation in the 1990s with knowledge gained from the best cheese makers in the area. Principal among these was a gentleman by the name of Peter “Poppa” Hansen. Hansen was Queensland’s master cheesemaker after the turn of the century. He was based on the Darling Downs in a small town called Malling.

Poppa Hansen

In the town of Malling he developed the two cheeses which would become the cornerstone for the Kenilworth range; Malling Red and Malling Roma. Poppa Hansen’s techniques and recipes are still employed today in the manufacture of these two historic, aged, wax-coated masterpieces. They remain the centrepiece of the Kenilworth Dairies’ range.

Cheese Making Today

Over the years the skills and techniques utilised at Kenilworth have been developed to reflect the changing desires of the Australian consumer. We now create cheeses that cater to a broad range of tastes, textures, varieties and occasions – from specialty, aged premium vintage cheddars through to everyday family cheddars.

Our Cheese Makers

Our cheeses-makers are a talented group of craftspeople, passionate about making fine dairy products. Kenilworth Dairies create a wide range of cheese in the one factory; from our simple Mild Cheddar to our most complex and mature, Malling Red and Malling Roma. Quality cheese requires quality ingredients – and the best cow’s milk. Fresh milk travels a short distance from our farms to be made into fine cheese.