Our lush natural pastures and happy healthy cows are our secret to producing fresh, high quality milk. Our milk is traditional, nothing artificial, no additives or preservatives, just ‘udderly delicious, udderly nutritious’ farm fresh milk.

Ideal Environment

The Mary Valley is renowned for its rolling hills, fertile river flats and green pastures. In our belief, the Mary Valley is one of the best regions in Queensland to rear happy dairy cows. This ideal environment provides Kenilworth Dairies with the harmonious balance of proteins and fat in our milk.

Low food Miles

Our goal at Kenilworth Dairies is quality fresh dairy products and low food miles are critical to our success. Milked twice a day, 365 days a year, our milk travels a short distance to our Kenilworth bottling facility. This short distance ensures our customers are enjoying the freshest possible product, our milk is bottled one day and is on the shelf the next.

Traditional is best

Kenilworth milk is non-homogenized which means every bottle comes with that creamy goodness on top. Because we choose to non-homogenise our milk, every drop is smooth, nutritious and udderly moreish. Add it to your morning routine, coffee, tea or cereal you can’t go wrong.

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